How Did The Brotherhood Of Steel Arrive In The Commonwealth

How Did The Brotherhood Of Steel Arrive In The Commonwealth

The Brotherhood of Steel, a renowned faction in the Fallout series, is characterized by its advanced technology, strict hierarchy, and dedication to preserving pre-war knowledge. In Fallout 4, players encounter the Brotherhood of Steel in the Commonwealth, a post-apocalyptic region formerly known as Massachusetts. But how did the Brotherhood arrive in this new territory? In this article, we’ll explore the origins of the Brotherhood’s presence in the Commonwealth and the events leading up to their arrival.

The Brotherhood’s Origins

The Brotherhood of Steel traces its origins back to the aftermath of the Great War, a catastrophic nuclear conflict that devastated the world. Founded by Roger Maxson, a United States Army officer, and his followers, the Brotherhood emerged from the remnants of the military research facility known as the West Tek Research Facility. Maxson and his group, disillusioned by the government’s failures and the misuse of technology, sought to preserve advanced knowledge and protect humanity from its own destructive tendencies.

Expansion and Ideological Evolution

Over time, the Brotherhood expanded its influence and established chapters across the United States, each adhering to the organization’s core principles of technology preservation and isolationism. However, as the Brotherhood grew, ideological differences emerged, leading to splinter factions such as the Outcasts, who prioritized the acquisition of advanced technology over the preservation of human life.

The Brotherhood’s Arrival in the Commonwealth

The Brotherhood’s presence in the Commonwealth is a result of its ongoing mission to acquire and safeguard advanced technology. In Fallout 4, players witness the arrival of the Brotherhood’s airship, the Prydwen, as it descends upon the Boston skyline. The Brotherhood’s expedition to the Commonwealth is led by Elder Arthur Maxson, a descendant of Roger Maxson, who seeks to assert the organization’s authority and reclaim lost technology from the region.

The Prydwen Expedition

The Prydwen serves as the Brotherhood’s mobile command center and symbol of its military might. Equipped with advanced weaponry and Vertibird aircraft, the airship represents the Brotherhood’s commitment to its mission of technological supremacy. As the Prydwen arrives in the Commonwealth, it brings with it a formidable force of Brotherhood soldiers, knights, and scribes, ready to assert the organization’s dominance over the wasteland.

Objectives in the Commonwealth

Upon their arrival, the Brotherhood wastes no time in establishing a presence in the Commonwealth and pursuing their objectives. Key goals of the Brotherhood’s expedition include:

  1. Acquiring Advanced Technology: The primary objective of the Brotherhood in the Commonwealth is to locate and secure advanced technology that could potentially be misused by hostile factions or endanger humanity. This includes pre-war military installations, research facilities, and high-tech weapons and equipment.
  2. Eliminating Threats: The Brotherhood views certain factions in the Commonwealth, such as the Institute and the Railroad, as threats to their mission and the stability of the wasteland. They prioritize the destruction of these factions to ensure the safety and security of humanity.
  3. Establishing Control: Through military force and technological superiority, the Brotherhood seeks to establish control over the Commonwealth, asserting their authority and enforcing their vision of order and stability. They establish outposts and fortifications throughout the region, consolidating their hold on key strategic locations.
  4. Recruiting Allies: While the Brotherhood is known for its isolationist tendencies, they recognize the value of recruiting allies and bolstering their ranks with capable wastelanders who share their goals and values. They offer opportunities for recruitment and enlistment to individuals willing to serve the Brotherhood’s cause.

The arrival of the Brotherhood of Steel in the Commonwealth marks a significant turning point in the region’s post-apocalyptic landscape. With their advanced technology, military prowess, and unwavering determination, the Brotherhood asserts its authority and influence over the wasteland, shaping the course of events and leaving a lasting impact on the fate of humanity in the Fallout universe.